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    Keynote Speaker

    Craig Ball

    Whilst Craig Ball has been presenting for years, he doesn't just speak from theoretical research. His ideas and techniques have been honed from years of putting into practice exactly what he shares with audiences. Sometimes biting off more than he can chew, he has learnt not only how to apply the principles he shares but all of the life hacks to use them most effectively.

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    What Will You Learn In This Free Training


    Whether we realise it or not, everything is a choice. You chose to read this, to click through to this page. Hopefully you'll chose this webinar for your next self improvement training. But sometimes our unfortunate situation is the result of a series of seemingly unrelated choices. How to make better ones in pursuit of improved mental health and becoming infinitely happier will be revealed..


    To understand what is actually occurring when we upset ourselves, yes upset ourselves not other external factors causing our upset. This is the first step in gaining clarity as its simply not true that other people or circumstance upset us. Trigger us, yes but it's up to us to upset ourselves and some of us do a pretty good job of it. At the core of this are beliefs, how you hang on to these beliefs despite little evidence to back them up will become abundantly clear.


    Overcoming your emotional upset requires challenging your beliefs. In life we are taught two ways of dealing with our problems, to yell and scream about it or to bottle it up. All yelling and screaming does is reward yelling and screaming, making it an automatic response, whilst bottling it up can lead to the energy or aggression from the situation to come out in other ways. Challenging involves a third option, to remove the negative energy almost like magic.

    What People Say About Craig

    'The value of the Seminar was immesurable...' 

    '....the professionalism, structure and content of the seminar were fantastic. Craig utilises his own experiences and insights, helping people using the information he provides for their own use!'

    'It Helped Me with my mindset...'

    'Knowing when things weren't good, it helped me to deal with things a little bit easier. It Strengthened my mind whilst not changing the situation it' enabled me to think through things with greater clarity.

    'Craig was truly able to connect with the team...'

    '...by providing a diverse perspective and insight - both personal and practical - to the challenges we were facing. Even some of the seasoned professionals felt that they achieved their personal goals and plan to leverage the new tools which Craig provided'

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