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FREE 3 Hour Seminar For Men Who Want To Live Their Life On Their Terms. 
Men, it's time to...
Reclaim Your Power
 Develop clarity of thinking and live a happier life in the next 14 days (No chanting, group massages or fire walking required).
Brought To you by The Men's Mental Health Speaker & Expert, Craig Ball

Ex-Commando Craig Ball shares his 5 Secrets for overcoming emotional upset, finding your purpose and empowering you to become more so that you can take back control of your life.
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Online Event

Thursday 4th November

Event starts at 6:00pm New York Time (EST)
                           5:00pm Central Time (CST)
Had enough of all the 'Rah Rah' self help?

 Head spinning trying to keep up with all the personal development out there? 

Good news, you don't need it.
If you've been looking for something different from the 'rah rah' self improvement that is only temporary or not applicable to you. If you've given up looking for something real that can actually help you see through the noise and recognise that there really is light at the end of the tunnel, then this is the seminar for you.

The techniques employed in this seminar have not only been tested by hundreds of scientific studies, they have also worked with one of the toughest blue collar environments on earth. In fact Craig's sessions were attributed with making a significant contribution towards over 200 days of no lost time injuries in one of his blue collar clients. These are angry, uncompromising men. Some of whom attended the sessions with grease on their faces and don't accept any BS. 

The stories these men and other of Craig's clients have shared have been truly humbling, and not just in the workplace.

 This material is applicable across many circumstances. Craig ought to know as he has been there too, in fact many times over. He even knows what its like to feel your potential may not be realised and the harrowing reality of feeling trapped. 
What Reclaim Your Power Is All About:
Reclaiming Your Power is dedicated to helping men take back control, breakthrough emotional barriers and achieve their desired life. 

These 3 pillars are crucial to your success:

Pillar #1 How to govern your emotions
  • How accepting yourself unconditionally can give you back your life 
  • Learn how emotions are created and how to deal with adversity
  • Understand your emotional state and break out of negative states by challenging your beliefs
Pillar #2 Define your Personal Philosophy to transform your outcomes

  • Understand the 3 keys to a more Powerful Philosophy
  • Why a philosophy is important and the need to have one whether you realise it or not
  • How to leverage your Personal Philosophy to get immediate results
Pillar #3 Become physically empowered

  • Determine your own direction by challenging established stereo types of masculinity
  • Harness the power in taking action to disrupt your pattern and remove fear
  • Learn how you can grow through adversity and be a leader in your own life

Michael Gencher

"The Value of the seminar was immeasurable. The professionalism, structure and content of the seminar were fantastic. Craig utilises his own experiences and insights, helping people to use the information that he provides for their own use…" 

Michael Lane

"Craig was able to truly connect with the team by providing a diverse perspective and insight - both personal and practical - to challenges we were facing. Even some of the more seasoned professionals felt that they achieved their personal goals and plan to leverage the new tools, which Craig provided" 

  • ​How to separate yourself from success and failure.
  •  The 3 most important things you need to focus on right now regardless of where you are at.

  •  An easy implementable method for increasing your happiness.
    Our simple system allows you to stick to developing yourself and maintaining discipline.
    A way to accept reality that will allow you to become emotionally agile.
  • ​How to influence others and get more of what you want.
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
    It's Being Presented By
     The Men's Health & Wellness Expert 
  • ​A Very Unique, Unusual Approach To Getting The Most Out Of Life & Navigating The Obstacles That Come In Your Way
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal,
    It's Only For Those
    Who Seriously Want To Level Up In 2020 
  • You'll be given the tools to confidently and calmly take control of your life.
  • ​Common myths such as the importance of self esteem will be truly destroyed.
Ready to take back control of your life?
Who Is This Event For?
Men who are over the confusion of modern life and want to lead​
This event has been designed with one primary action in mind - to help you to take action in the pursuit of your own happiness. Clearing out the noise and making sense of constant change is a key first step.

 Men who are ready to take action and just need the tools to make life work​
We use proven methods for getting results through taking action immediately. How to regain control of your emotional state by targeting what you can control, not what you can't.
Men who want to improve their life but don't know where to start
Navigating the world of self improvement can be tough. There aren't a lot of quality evidence based or meaningful tools that can help you longer term which don't require constant top up. Until now...
What Others Say About Reclaim Your Power
Bonus For Attending
For those who attend & stay for the whole event, you will also get a copy of my
#1 Amazon best selling e-book
"Why Self Esteem Is A Joke & How To Overcome It!" 
Yes, I'm Ready To
 Reclaim My Power
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Date & Time
Thursday November  4th
Time: Event starts at 6:00pm 
NY Time (EST)
5:00pm Central Time (CST)
Whilst Craig Ball has been presenting for years, he doesn't just speak from theoretical research. His ideas and techniques have been honed from years of putting into practice exactly what he shares with audiences. Sometimes biting off more than he can chew, he has learnt not only how to apply the principles he shares but all of the life hacks to use them most effectively.

Whether it's dealing with setbacks and turning failure into success or feeling stuck and having no control over your situation, Craig makes the complex simple again - moving through adversity, making it your ally and even learning to enjoy the process along the way. 

Craig purposefully chose to put himself in harms way through military service which has enabled him to constantly refine his approach. He took opportunities that allowed him to travel to Afghanistan, twice, as he wasn't happy with the experience the first time. Switching to full time in the army at 33 years of age, Craig constantly challenged himself by going up against much younger guys to try to make the grade in a trial by fire approach. He succeed against the odds and often after coming back from multiple setbacks.

What's most important to him is the outcome he is able to achieve for his audiences. This program is definitely not about Craig, as he likes to put it:

'"Life is not a popularity contest and sometimes people just dislike you because you showed up, deal with it readjust you expectations, or remove them and move on."

His passion is sharing with his audiences to enable them to live life on their terms. We look forward and are humbled by the opportunity to help you do the same...if you choose to work with us.
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