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  • Step 1

    Ensure you have blocked out sufficient time. The free training is approximately 2.5 hours long. The lessons you will receive in this training are life changing you will not want to miss them. Also make sure you come to this training with something to work on. What ways of thinking or stressors are causing you problems right now?

    Step 2

    Ensure you are well hydrated, have enough food and have cleared any distractions. Make sure you have a note book and pen or that your One Note is open on a fresh page, if you are digitally inclined, we advise you to take as many notes as you can. Please also come with an open mind. 

    Step 3

    Make Sure you ask as many questions as you can. Due to the prerecorded nature of this training it will be important to write your questions down and either email them to Craig direct at [email protected] or via Facebook at Craig Ball - Mens Mental Health Speaker

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